• The Shadows is the first National Trust for Historic Preservation site in the Gulf South. The home and garden are as breathtaking as the history preserved here.

The Shadows-on-the-Teche Plein Air Painting Competition would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for helping to make this event possible.

For hosting our artists: Wyatt and Becky Collins

For opening their homes to artists: Jerre Borland, Dan and Kathy Chassee, Jesse Dupuy, Chestee Harrington, Cindy Herring, John and Cathy Indest, Joy Maher, Benny Menard, Jeff and Margaret Simon, and Jerome and Michael Weber

For dedicating time and resources to serve on the event committee: Kathy Chassee, Joy Maher, and Jerome Weber

For allowing artists to paint onsite: Avery Island, Inc. and Rip Van Winkle Gardens

For assisting with grant preparation: Paul Schexnayder and Brian Lafaye

For sponsoring awards: Judson's Art Outfitters and Plein Air Magazine