• The Shadows is the first National Trust for Historic Preservation site in the Gulf South. The home and garden are as breathtaking as the history preserved here.
The Shadows-on-the-Teche, National Trust for Historic Preservation site, opened to the public in 1961 with the mission to preserve the buildings, landscape, collections, and historical integrity of the site; to research and interpret through education programs a 19th century southern Louisiana plantation economy and community and their evolution; and to encourage an appreciation of and interest in historic preservation.

A white-columned brick building constructed between 1831 and 1834, The Shadows is both a survivor and a reminder of the many layers of history associated with the site, each succeeding generation building on the one before to become an integral part of the property’s history. 

In addition to the historic site, we also have the Weeks Family Papers, a collection of over 17,000 invoices, receipts, business, legal, and personal letters that record joys, sorrows, fears, sickness, celebrations, pain, prosperity, and poverty-all the emotions and situations of life. The site has been the stage for business entrepreneurs, politicians, soldiers, a backdrop for the Civil War, and a comfortable, familiar setting for childhood and old age, witnessing birth, sickness, and death, all of which are documented in the Weeks Family Papers.