• The Shadows is the first National Trust for Historic Preservation site in the Gulf South. The home and garden are as breathtaking as the history preserved here.

After becoming The Shadows’ sole owner, Weeks Hall hired New Orleans preservation architect Richard Koch to repair and restore the house. Although Koch added electricity and plumbing, he did so in a way that compromised as little as possible the integrity of the historic structure. It was Hall’s intention that The Shadows “should remain one of the few perfectly restored examples of its period as an architectural survival in a section rich in historical interest but fast losing that character by reason of the progress made in oil developments.” As Hall noted, “The path of Progress is every bit as Destructive as the path of Decay.” [Weeks Hall Notebooks, 1940]

When Weeks Hall bequeathed the Shadows-on-the-Teche to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, he was well aware that he was entrusting his ancestral home and the product of his life’s work to the nation’s premier preservation organization.  For more on the National Trust for Historic Preservation, click here.

The purpose of The Shadows is to preserve the buildings, landscape, collections and historical integrity of the site; to research and interpret through education programs a 19th century southern Louisiana plantation economy and community and their evolution; and to encourage an appreciation of and interest in historic preservation.