• The Shadows is the first National Trust for Historic Preservation site in the Gulf South. The home and garden are as breathtaking as the history preserved here.

Five tombs contain the members of four generations who lived here.

Mary Conrad Weeks of The ShadowsThe word “Relict” on the tomb of Mary Conrad is a 19th-century term for a widow. Mary was the widow of David Weeks who is buried in New Haven, CT. She is buried beside her second husband, Judge John Moore.

William Weeks Hall, the final owner of the home, died in 1958 and was the last person to be buried on the property. Other family members buried here include Mary’s grandchildren and her son Alfred, who died at the age of 38 after a brief illness. 

The Magill children drowned on Last Island with their mother Francis Weeks Magill off the coast of Louisiana during the Great Hurricane of 1856. The Magill children were originally buried in St. Martinsville; W. Weeks Hall moved the tombs here to care for their maintenance.

Funding for this exhibit made possible by a grant supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.