• The Shadows is the first National Trust for Historic Preservation site in the Gulf South. The home and garden are as breathtaking as the history preserved here.

Volunteers help us fulfill our mission of bringing together individuals with a shared love for history to engage and educate visitors. There are many opportunities for volunteers to help the Shadows-on-the-Teche carry out its mission. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering opportunities, contact Jayd Buteaux at (337) 369-6446 or jbuteaux@savingplaces.org.

TOUR GUIDE:  Assist with providing guided tours of the Shadows for bus groups, school groups, and other reservations.


  • Provide tours of the Shadows; lead interactive stations; facilitate the arrival, departure, and rotation of groups through the Shadows; or lead students in Christmas carols via musical instrument and singing.
  • Provide snacks for GT students who are performing throughout the week.
  • Assist in prepping and delivering the ornament bags to the first grade classrooms a month prior to the program.

BUILDING A FOUNDATION (3RD GRADERS):  Lead students through a station-based tour that examines the geographical, cultural, and social history of the Shadows, New Iberia, and Iberia Parish.

INTERACTIVE TOUR EXPERIENCE:  Provide tours of the Shadows or lead interactive stations that educate students on 19th century life on an antebellum plantation.

HISTORY CAMP:  Help with scheduled educational activities throughout the week.

SEAMSTRESS/COSTUMER:  Create and repair costumes worn in education programs.

CURATORIAL HOUSEKEEPING:  Assist with maintaining the interior of the Shadows during biannual cleaning using proper collections care.

GARDENING:  Assist with the maintenance of the historical landscape surrounding the Shadows.


  • Assisting with answering telephones and greeting visitors.
  • Assist with prepping the site’s newsletters, event invitations, and membership appeals for mailing.
  • Deliver flyers for special events and programs to locations throughout the city.

The Shadows hosts a number of special events throughout the year. Each of those events would not be possible without volunteer support.


  • Work the admission table accepting admissions, recording number of visitors, and putting on wristbands
  • Check-in craftspeople the day before/of the event
  • Marking off the spaces for the craftspeople in the week leading up to the event
  • Setup and takedown the day of the event
  • Provide tours of the Shadows to visitors
  • Sell raffle tickets


  • Provide lunch for artists each day
  • House an artist throughout competition week
  • Greet visitors at the Awards Ceremony and Fine Art Sale, while asking for visitors to sign-in
  • Provide food for the Awards Ceremony and Fine Art Sale
  • Bartend for the Wednesday and Friday night events


  • Help with concessions
  • Work a game station
  • Work the admission table accepting admissions and recording number of visitors
  • Setup and takedown for the event